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Patterns in Natural Stone Panels for Cladding

  Natural Stone Patterns for Cladding StonePly can provide natural stone cladding in a wide array of patterns, which can then be further customized by texture and color so that you can have a very distinctive interior or exterior feature for your commercial project. Benefits of StonePly Natural Panels for Cladding Benefits StonePly is a […]

Hotel Lobbies in StonePly Stone Panels

A guest has already made a judgment about a hotel’s quality before he or she ever sets foot inside a room, explores the fitness facilities, or takes advantage of thoughtful amenities. The lobby is the area of a hotel interior a guest typically sees first, and it’s where initial impressions are formed. For that reason, […]

StonePly Interior Wall Cladding

Delight Your Clients And Simplify Your Job With StonePly Natural Stone Cladding! Business owners, designers, and other professionals involved in a new construction or renovation project who want natural stone cladding for building interiors look for elegance and authenticity. They also expect natural stone cladding to remain looking beautiful over the long-term, even when it […]

Etching, Carving, Sandblasting, and Designs in StonePly

Natural stone surfaces have an elegant appearance when they are uniform and flat, but sometimes a more attention-grabbing look is desired. Carving, etching, and sandblasting are all effective techniques to make any stone surface unforgettable, and StonePly has years of experience using these approaches and others to finish and embellish our natural stone panels. Stone […]

Metal Trim and StonePly Natural Stone Cladding

The eye-catching combination of metal and stone can be seen in rings, bracelets, and necklaces that pair gold and silver with gemstones of all types. In homes, stainless steel appliances and natural stone back splashes, counters, and floors work together flawlessly to create a finished, modern appearance. Now you can also get the unrivaled effect […]

Quirk Miter Corners in StonePly Natural Stone Panels

When granite or limestone panels are left completely straight and then joined to create a 90-degree angle, the result is a sharp corner edge. For many applications, a slightly rounded edge is preferable, and this can be accomplished through the use of quirk miter corners. What Are Quirk Miter Corners? Quirk miters are one type […]

Water Walls and Water Falls in StonePly

In today’s modern cities and even in rural area buildings, the simple beauty found in mother nature can seem a million miles away. In water walls and water falls, the sight and sound of water passing over natural stone promotes peace and relaxation, and it brings to mind images of meandering brooks and water cascading […]