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Butterfly Blue

Butterfly Blue Granite
Granite colors truly come in a rainbow variety, including colors like Butterfly Blue Granite, offering a brilliant combination of hues just within itself. The range of colors found in this type of granite makes it a great choice for a wide array of commercial applications where granite is preferred for its ability to add elegance and luxury. This guide provides background on this type of granite and where it comes from as well as how it can be used.

All about Butterfly Blue Granite
Butterfly Blue Granite also goes by other names, Papillion, including Blu Papillon, Verde Papillon, Papilion and Pappilion. This particular type of granite combines warm and cool colors together for a truly unique look not often seen in other types of granite.

Often used throughout history for sculptures, memorials, monuments and ancient palaces, Butterfly Blue Granite has been quarried for centuries in China. Found in a wide area within China, including places like Fuijan and Shanxi, the Butterfly Blue Granite is quarried and polished and then used in all parts of the world.

Applications for Butterfly Blue Granite
Butterfly Blue Granite is an excellent choice for countertops used in restaurants, bars, hotels, resorts and casinos. This type of granite is also a great choice to use in hotel suite bathroom showers and tub surrounds. The color also works well for wet bars, buffets, tables and fireplaces seen in luxurious hotel, resort, or casino suites. Butterfly Blue Granite has even been used as material for wall cladding and other architectural elements found on yachts and private jets.

The color palette within this type of granite blends well with all types of wood as well as interior décor that features a color palette that may contain shades of blue, green, taupe or gray as well as neutral colors like white and beige. That versatility makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications, architectural styles, and design concepts.

StonePly Offers Butterfly Blue Granite
StonePly uses the quarried Butterfly Blue Granite from China, cutting, sizing, and bonding it to a lightweight, yet strong and highly durable, cladding that then can be used for all types of commercial applications. The combination of materials offers a solution that is easy to transport, handle, and install yet is virtually unbreakable and highly resistant to stains or scratches. It has also been tested and appears to withstand other pressures, including fire and earthquakes.

Other advantages to using Butterfly Blue Granite from StonePly is the ability to showcase this stunning natural stone without adding to the structural load on a building, jet, or yacht. The lightweight advantage, combined with the need for less natural stone material, helps to reduce project cost.

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To get your free quote on a custom StonePly product made from Butterfly Blue Granite or to learn more about the advantages of StonePly’s natural stone products, please contact the StonePly team at 903.454.4630 or fill in our contact form.

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