Using Perlato Svevo Marble for your Architectural Project


Perlato Svevo Marble
A beautiful addition to a hotel, casino, hospital, restaurant or office building is to add Perlato Svevo marble, which adds a classic and elegant touch to any structure. This guide provides an overview of this type of marble, where it can be used, and how StonePly offers lightweight, durable products made from this stunning Italian marble.

All about Perlato Svevo Marble
Marble is a natural stone that is made from metamorphosed limestone or serpentine that is then polished to create a lustrous appearance.  While marble can be found around the world, Perlato Svevo is quarried in Italy.

This type of marble tends to be beige in color as well as includes various shades of tan and cream and is partly filled with white calcite. It often contains small fossil fragments among the limestone.  It is often found with irregular coloring and offers a rich array of hues, making it ideal for many areas in a structure and serves as a beautiful complement to many architectural styles and materials.

Applications for Perlato Svevo Marble
This particular type of marble can be used for furniture, countertops, bar tops and flooring. Perlato Svevo marble can also be found in vanities, wall cladding, and signage as well as entryways, bathrooms, kitchens and fireplace surrounds. It can be used on the interior and exterior of a building because it is highly durable as well as resistant to grease and water.

StonePly Offers Perlato Svevo Marble
This beautiful marble is available as part of many products made by StonePly. These lightweight panels are made from marble but weigh just three and a half pounds per square foot. Yet, they are as durable as slab marble. The lightweight advantage reduces installation time as well as decreases transport and construction costs.

Since no mortar is necessary and the StonePly natural stone products require less insulation, StonePly’s Perlato Svevo marble further reduces the expense of including such a beautiful marble product to any type of project.  The structural load on the building is less yet it can still help the integrity of the structure by providing uniform weight as well as being hurricane, earthquake, and fire resistant.

StonePly provides this marble for all types of commercial applications, including remodeling and construction projects for hotels, casinos, resorts, restaurants, office buildings and government structures. Working with the StonePly team, the marble can be sized to fit your project, providing an ideal way to add this luxurious natural stone.harrison_county-2e16d0ba-fill-750x300

Get a Free Quote for Perlato Svevo Marble
To get your free quote on a custom StonePly product made from Perlato Svevo marble or to get more information about any of StonePly’s natural stone products, contact the StonePly team at 903.454.4630 or fill in our contact form.

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