StonePly Backing Options

Backing Substrates StonePly offers three types of backing substrates to strengthen thin stone panels. 1. StonePly HC is an aluminum backing shaped like a honeycomb matrix. This is the strongest and most rigid backing StonePly offers. StonePly HC is perfect for exterior stone cladding panels. The Z Clip , plate and screw, or interlocking channel […]

Cleaning StonePly

A Technical Bulletin on Cleaning StonePly StonePly stone panels should be protected during storage, setting, and after installation. StonePly should be stored on planks or pallets away from traffic and debris to prevent stains and breakages. If stored for a long period of time, the pallets should be covered with non-staining tarps. After installation, StonePly […]

Common Stones

Common Stone Types Granite Granite is a coarse-grained, intrusive, felsic, igneous stone formed from magma deep in the earths crust. Granite is made of 65% silica crystals. Quartz, potassium feldspar and plagioclase feldspar generally are the main components in granite. Some common types of granite are Baltic Brown, Tropic Brown, Santa Cecelia, and Ubatuba.   […]

Types of Rocks

Types Of Rocks All rocks fit into three categories: igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic. An igneous rock is made from cooling magnum and causes minerals to crystallize. The type of igneous stone is decided by the texture and composition of the stone. Depending on how fast the magma cools will determine how large the crystals become. […]

StonePly Attachement Methods

Attachment Methods for StonePly Thin Stone Panels StonePly® stone panels have four basic attachment methods: -Interlocking Channel -Z Clip -Plate and Screw -Adhesive In the interlocking channel installation method, an aluminum channel track is attached to the substrate with screws. Attached to the panels is also an aluminum channel. The panel channel interlocks with the […]


Where can StonePly® be used? StonePly® is designed for use as cladding on exterior and interior walls, soffits, fascias, cornices, canopies, accent bands, elevator cabs, counter tops, and furniture. StonePly® can be used on most building types including in retail, hotels, office towers, casinos, medical facilities, low rise buildings, high rise buildings, condos, and educational […]

Advantages to Using the StonePly Stone Panel Cladding System

What are the advantages to using the StonePly® stone panel cladding system? StonePly® offers a lightweight, durable solution to heavy, thick stone panels. The thin stone panels adhered to honeycomb or aluminum composite material backing allows them to be stronger and lighter than a typical thick stone panel.Installation will be faster and easier because of […]

StonePly Aluminum Honeycomb Reinforced Stone Panel Construction

How come StonePly aluminum honeycomb reinforced stone panels are so much stronger than un-reinforced stone slabs? StonePly honeycomb reinforced stone panels have high impact strength, torsion and bending rigidity because of the aluminum honeycomb structure. The aluminum honeycomb core acts similar to an I-beam. The facings of honeycomb panels, aluminum on the backside and stone […]

Stone Cladding: Life Cycle Cost/Durability

Stone cladding: Life Cycle Cost/Durability In considering exterior cladding alternatives, the design life of the building should be considered. Stone weathers at different rates depending on the variety selected. Most granites weather at rates in the mm per thousand years. Many marbles and limestones also offer rates of weathering measured in millennia. Using StonePly, a […]

Architectural Stone Cladding: Using Stone’s Strengths and Overcoming Stone’s Weaknesses

The lesson of the Greek temple: Thousands of years ago people discovered that stone was a great building material. Look at all the advantages: Stone lasts for ages in all kinds of weather, stone is durable and not easily damaged, and stone looks great. They also learned that stone had some shortcomings. While solid stone […]

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