Fire Resistance of StonePly lightweight stone cladding panels


The problem with solid stone cladding in a fire:

Solid stone cladding does not burn and it is more fire resistant than many cladding choices. While solid stone cladding does not burn, 1 ½” to 3” un-reinforced solid stone cladding panels can present a hazard in high rise fires. When heated, unreinforced stones can shatter and fall, especially when rapidly cooled by water used by fire fighters. Fire can also weaken the metal anchors used for the stone attachment. The heavy shattered stone presents a safety risk to rescue personnel and surrounding areas.


The StonePly solution:

Like solid stone, StonePly cladding is class A (or type I ) fire rated. In addition, the stone skin of StonePly is bonded to the aluminum reinforcing behind the stone. This holds the thin stone cladding together during rapid heating or cooling and prevents the life safety danger of large heavy sections of stone falling on rescue personnel or others on the street below.

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