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StonePly Stone Panels Composition and Process

StonePly Stone Panel Composition Aluminum Honeycomb Backing Aircraft approved aluminum honeycomb with aluminum skins has a lightweight aluminum core and is moisture and corrosion resistant.  This backing is not only lightweight, it also has high strength.  Aluminum honeycomb is also flame resistant and noncombustible. Aviation Epoxy The epoxy adhesive has been tested to hold over […]

StonePly Lightweight Marble Stone Panels

Marble has always been one of the most beautiful, elegant, and admired stone throughout history.  It has been used for religious and non-religious monuments and temples since the beginning of time.  It is still used today, surviving millions of years because of its classical beauty. Marble is a type of marmora.  Marmoras are stone materials […]

Elevator Stone Panels

StonePly elevator panels prove impressive for a variety of reasons. Natural stone backed with aluminum is noncombustible, the topmost priority in elevator construction. Safety is always a concern, especially in elevator applications. StonePly stone panels have 60x the impact strength of a 3 cm thick stone panels which makes StonePly strong yet durable. Weight can […]

Healthcare and StonePly

StonePly lightweight stone panels are great for a number of applications including healthcare. StonePly stone panels are not only economically cost efficient, they are clean, natural, trendy, and durable.  The natural stone face is easier to clean than traditional painted walls, tile, stainless steal, and concrete.  They are available in a variety of colors and […]

StonePly in Seismic and Hurricane Prone Regions

Unlike rigid, thick stone panels, StonePly panels can flex and move with buildings without cracking or breaking. This gives StonePly the advantage over thick stone panels. StonePly is reinforced throughout because the aluminum backing is adhered with aviation epoxy on every square inch of the stone. There are no areas of the StonePly panel that […]