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Re Cladding a National Historic Register property with StonePly

Cladding brings strength, light weight and historical integrity to office buildings.  The Historic Preservation Alliance of Arkansas recently honored Entergy for its preservation of the Arkansas Power and Light building in Little Rock. This “International Style” office building was built some 52 years ago using marble slab cladding. When it was built the building was […]

StonePly Stone Elevator Cab Panels

StonePly Stone Elevator Cab Panels: Strong, Light, Beautiful StonePly is the leading producer of stone elevator panels. StonePly has developed lightweight, real stone elevator panels that are stronger, higher quality, easier to install and economical.   StonePly elevator cladding panels offer several advantages and benefits: Beautiful and stylish natural stone surfaces Meets flame spread and […]

Atlantis: The Cove

The Largest Stone Clad building in the Caribbean meets the challenges of fast track schedule and hurricane proof construction The Cove, a $1 billion expansion to Atlantis, includes resort hotels, restaurants, condos and retail. The upmarket resorts modern and refined architecture and simple architectural forms required cladding that was elegant, durable and beautiful. The owner […]

StonePly Stone Panel System: Technical Characteristics

Selecting Stone for Cladding Panels: Technical Characteristics Behind the incredible stone product created by StonePly are a significant number of technical characteristics that make up this versatile, durable, strong and beautiful material. Built to be lightweight while displaying characteristically beautiful natural stone, this fabricated stone wall panel system is made of a thin natural stone […]

Thin Stone Veneer from StonePly

Thin Stone Veneer Panels Stone veneer panels are a popular solution for many applications. Unlike solid stone panels, these innovative panels are a cost-effective and flexible solution. From a diverse array of finishes and design choices to durability and energy efficiency, many architects and building restoration companies are realizing the significant benefits of StonePly Panels. […]

Deterioration Of Marble Facades And Problems With Failed Stone Cladding: The Problem And The Solution

Problems with marble cladding can include bowing, expansion, loss of strength, cracking, and even detachment from the building. Here we will address the cause of and solution to hysteresis and marble facade failure. If you are involved with a natural stone cladding or facade project that needs restoration, or you are an architect, engineer, owner, […]

Advantages of Aluminum as a Backing Material For Stone Panels

While some stone panel manufacturers use fiberglass skinned honeycomb for the back panel of their product, StonePly uses a solid sheet of aluminum honeycomb for its lightweight natural stone panels. What is the difference and why does it matter? Natural stone panel installation is relatively straightforward with StonePly since you can attach a screw anywhere on […]

Installing Stone Exterior Cladding Faster, Safer, and More Securely: A Case Study

What an Actual StonePly User Had to Say About The Installation Process We spoke with Jim Taylor of HMK, one of the stone installers on the Atlantis project, about the StonePly stone panel installation process. Jim has worked on several stone cladding jobs throughout the Caribbean, Florida, and the Southeast. Here is some of what […]